Friday, December 04, 2009

What to make of it

This blog is nothing because I've made nothing of it.

I once blogged daily, thoughtfully, joyfully, personally. And then the world screamed, "Stop! Shut it down. I won't hire you. Gather your minutiae, and keep it in a chest, closed to the world and only for yourself."

I'll admit, it was college. I was naive. I drank, had dates, and talked about them. But I did it with love and humor.

Then I stopped. Cold turkey. And a piece of my life has been missing since then. I've been unable to recapture the spirit of that first blog, my livejournal, my musings.

I try to be professional. What does that mean?

Be personal. Be real. Be you. Advice like a million screaming ads.

But who am I? A comedian, poet, employee? A writer? Advertisier? Designer? Twitterhead? People watcher? Theorist?

I like short sentences, commas, and fragments. I like rhythm in prose and writing what I feel. I like humor and stories and complex social issues. I like being human and all that entails.

Maybe that means I'll never be a power blogger or a persona. But I can be someone. I can be Meghan. And it doesn't have to be perfect.

Today, I'm contemplative.

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