Thursday, December 02, 2010

Grateful: Better late than never

I'm grateful for people, for you, for friends and the characters in my life.
I'm grateful for food.
Red wine.
Good books.
Yes, Jane Austen.
I'm grateful for my job, my work, my passion.
Grateful that I care.
I'm grateful for the hopes and dreams, the very real visions I have for the future.
Someone to share that future.
Maybe a family someday.
I'm grateful for maybes and possibilities, open books.
I'm grateful for nephews.
Play Doh.
Catching frogs.
I'm grateful for family, my siblings and parents.
Grateful for aunts and uncles and grandparents.
Warm embraces, reluctant goodbyes.
I'm grateful for community, connectedness, and sharing.
Ideas all day in the cloud.
A sense of togetherness, a constant stream of friends.
I'm grateful for laughter.
Silly moments.
And tears.
I'm grateful for feeling, the ability to be hurt.
I'm grateful for living, breathing, experiencing.
Faith in something good.
Faith in tomorrow.
Faith in what's real, today.
I'm grateful for imagination, that world inside my head.
Fits of whimsy, fits of joy.
A meowing cat.
A favorite chair.
I'm grateful for movement, for youth, for a lifetime to grow.
I'm grateful for colors and beauty.
The sky.
And trees.
Snow falling in streetlamps' soft, orangey glow.
The tree outside my office in the moonlight obstructed by clouds.
Immense space, air to breathe, a place to go and reflect.
That bench on the hill, that little refuge just for me.
I'm grateful for children, for their light.
Their open arms.
I'm grateful for their hugs.
Lifting up and spinning around.
I'm grateful for music, a remembered moment, a kindred soul.
A dance in your apartment.
Comfortable pants and puffy robes.
Hot cocoa.
New socks, soft and warm, snugly hugging little toes.
I'm grateful for scents and senses, simple tactile pleasures in a day.
Morning coffee.
Christmas trees, thunderstorms, and fresh-cut grass.
Cuddling under blankets, keeping warm on Saturday morning.
I'm grateful for the little things, all around, all the time.
The things that make life rich, the things that make it simple.
Hundreds and thousands of moments.
I'm grateful for this, right now.
Look around.
The life to be grateful for.

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